Here is a list of some of my accomplishments:

Nominated for a cultural diversity in teaching award by my graduate students at the University of Chicago School of Social Services Administration where I taught a course on therapy with adolescents and their families

Various teaching, supervision and program development experience as a faculty person at the Chicago Center for Family Health

Taught family therapy theory and skills to Illinois Department of Children and Family Services staff statewide in the 1980’s as part of an Institute for Juvenile Research Training Initiative

Planned and implemented a family therapy intervention leading to my father’s recovery from chronic alcoholism

Facilitated two long-term (about 9 years) psychotherapy groups for adult men living with HIV disease

Maintain an active caseload of about 30 individual and about 10 couples cases in my private practice

Helped to create the first Region II Operation Snowball, Southside, and several high school Snowball (drug and alcohol prevention) programs in the early 1980’s

Completed the one year Intensive Family Therapy program at the Institute for Juvenile Research and the two year Family Therapy program at the Chicago Center for Family Health

Published an article on psychodrama and group work:   Martin, W. (2008). Trust circle and cradle. Body-centered approaches to help men access and heal emotions in groups. In Sori, C., Hecker L. et al.(2008). The therapist’s notebook: More homework, handouts, and activities for use in psychotherapy (Vol 3). New York: Routledge Press

Successfully held a soccer coach and his son accountable for the abuse and mistreatment of my daughter’s friend and my daughter for being a “whistleblower”

Happily married since 1982 (not sure my wife is 🙂

Have a good sense of humor

Co-facilitated over 100 psychodramas and helped to create a psychodrama training program for volunteers which provided a rich training experience for future leaders of a weekend retreat program

Participated in men’s personal growth activities since 1991

Consultation and training at several Chicago area youth service programs (Aunt Martha’s,  Southwest YMCA,  Latino Youth)

Frequent workshop leader in family therapy, guided imagery and psychodrama

Won the leadership trophy for my high school football team

Played college football (not very well) for my first year

Received “conscientious objector” status for the military draft in 1973 during the Vietnam War

Provided therapy services for several Vietnam Vets in the early 1980’s

Organized and attended “family camp” with my wife, daughter and friends several times a year for about 10 years in the 1990’s

Board member for YMCA Camp Duncan

Writer of several hundred posts on psychotherapy blogs here  and here

Researching therapist’s knowledge and beliefs about the complex issue of abuse amnesia and delayed recall of memory of abuse

Helped to organize an extensive Big-Brother/Sister program while in college

College politics, including sitting on a campus leadership council where I helped to bring changes in abusive practices by fraternities against women

Provided leadership to the peace movement during the Vietnam War

Coached my daughter’s grade school basketball team to the championship game

Commute by bicycle in Chicago
Active  athletics, including inline skating

Practiced Mysore version of Ashtanga yoga intensively for 15 months as part of a recovery process in 2009