Yoga: Learn to Relax, Rewire Your Brain, and Reduce Your Stress

The only way to rewire our brain, especially the sensitivity of the amygdala in sensing threats is to learn to relax.

Simply learning to breathe deeply and consciously will help us calm down when we are upset and deepen our level of internal restfulness and peacefulness.

Yoga is great. I am a practitioner myself.

However you don’t need a yoga matt and class to find a way to relax in this intense world.  You can learn to do it anywhere and anytime.

Prepare to relax by finding a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for 15 to 20 minutes…loosen any tight or restrictive clothing and remember that learning to relax is learning to allow relaxation to happen. Your body knows how to relax and as you begin to breathe more deeply, relax your muscles, and use peaceful imagery you will be able to relax, feel more comfortable, and manage challenges more easily.

So, the keys so far are comfortable, loose fitting clothing, stretching and relaxing our muscles, finding a quiet, peaceful place, and breathing deeply.

It’s a start.

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