Relationship Problems?

Every relationship goes through stages of development.

Stages are often marked by important rituals and life events, like engagement, marriage, birth of children, school, adolescence, adulthood, middle age, silver years and death and dying.

In a relationship, two people find each other and as long as the sparks are flying, get into a relationship and explore making a greater commitment.

This first stage in relationship development is often referred to as the “honeymoon stage” where everything seems to go great and there is a lot of chemistry, fun and probably a lot of great sex too.

When you get beyond the “honeymoon stage” and enter into a longer term commitment,  eventually some crisis will put your relationship to the test.

Whether you are both comfortable with high conflict or not, this stage can determine the ultimate success of your relationship.

The conflicts at this stage can  be related to loss issues, death of loved one,  work, money, extended family, children, or attractions or affairs with other people.

Yes.  It happens to most relationships.

It looks like a huge crisis which has or will destroy your relationship.

However, if you can hang in there long enough and maybe get help, it is possible to manage the crisis productively and, believe it or not, build a better and stronger relationship.

Even when it looks the darkest, there is hope and things can get better.

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